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Benefits of Music in Meditation

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Music is, as Shakespeare rightly said, food for soul. There is no human being in this world who does not like to listen to music, the form, type, tune and language may vary. Music appeals to every human being universally. You will be surprised how music helps us for the better. Boring people might say music is only for entertainment, it has no real use in the lives of people, but that is hardly true.

Music greatly helps in mediation as well which nurtures both the body and the soul of human beings. It rejuvenates the spirits of human beings and keeps them mentally healthy.

Read below to know about the benefits of music in meditation.

Music as Stress and Anxiety Relief

Meditation helps in relieving stress and anxiety, and if you play mellow music, it will give you better effects. Many people prefer to play soft music while meditating because it soothes their mind and reduces anxiety. Music during meditation helps in relaxing the mind and the soul. It is a proven fact that music reduces anxiety and stress. Therefore people suffering from mental or physical illnesses are often advised music therapy.

Music Helps in Concentration

Music during meditation works extremely well for concentration. The whole point of meditation is concentrating on a specific topic so that your mind is refreshed and calm. If you focus on music, all your nagging worries will fade away. You will be focused on the lyrics and the tune of the music that you are listening to. Therefore, at the initial stage, music helps immensely in practising concentration during meditation.

Music Helps in Sleeping Better

People who suffer from insomnia are often advised meditation before sleeping. If you listen to music while meditating, it will set the perfect mood for a good night’s sleep. There is no hard and fast rule for a place of meditation. You can very well sit on your bed and mediate for ten to fifteen minutes while listening to your favourite soft music. You will enjoy a deep sleep afterwards.

Music Helps in Perfecting the Art of Meditation

Most importantly, music helps in perfecting the art of meditation itself. A proper meditation is not easy to achieve. Meditation requires full, hundred percent concentration and focus. It requires a complete inward journey towards the soul. There is nothing better than music that can help you achieve that. Music affects the soul in an intricate way. It will naturally draw your focus inward than the outside world.

Improves Mental and Physical Health

Mental and physical health compliment each other. If you are not mentally well, you will be physically unwell as well. Music and meditation affect both mental and physical health for the better.

Music enlivens the mind and takes away stress and anxiety. When the mind is sound, the body naturally feels rejuvenated.

These are the reasons, you should definitely play some soft tunes while practicing meditation before sleeping and after waking up.

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